Working together for a sustainable future

The energy market faces huge challenges. Harnessing renewable energy sources demands investment and a new way of working, at a time of huge labour shortages. To make the energy transition a success, we must change the way we work and think. Outbirds understands these problems and knows the solutions.


IT drives the energy transition

Energy transition demands digital transition

The transition to sustainable energy sources is not just a technical challenge, but also a social challenge. The digital transition makes it possible to respond rapidly to these developments. It lays the foundation for smarter processes, more efficient deployment of labour and better communication.

Stay in control of multiple projects

More and more individuals and companies are switching to sustainable energy sources. Demand is changing rapidly and suppliers must keep up. IT helps you stay in control of the various projects that contribute to the transition towards renewable energy sources. It helps you monitor progress and see all the ongoing work at a glance.

Efficient deployment of scarce staff

It is hard to fill technical positions; many employees are leaving and few are entering the profession. Working more efficiently has become essential to meet the growing demand. IT makes it possible to handle complex scheduling requirements, ensures that information is available everywhere and at any time and makes knowledge available to the entire organisation.

Our consultants know which way the wind is blowing

Our solutions for the energy market

Our consultants don’t just stick to the beaten track. They are all autonomous professionals who tackle the challenges in the energy market by harnessing their personal strengths. They work with you to find the best long-term solutions. Experience the enterprising spirit of our consultants for yourself.