Solutions that really solve problems

Replacing countless electricity and gas meters, constantly expanding infrastructure and new technologies in quick succession; to keep up, it is essential to work efficiently. This is even more so with the current shortage of technical staff. The solutions from Outbirds help you stay in control.

Infrastructure and installation

Working efficiently on the energy transition

Rapid change demands digital transition

Contractors and installers are more aware than anyone of the challenges in their sector. These include contributing to an ambitious climate agreement at a time when there is a shortage of trained staff. New innovations are appearing in quick succession, as are new, stricter legislation and regulations. Embracing the digital transformation by deploying smart solutions allows you to manage your work better and keep up with these challenges.

Efficient installation, maintenance and repair

Technicians are hard to find. This means it’s essential to work more efficiently to keep up with the demand for new installations, maintenance and repairs. IT makes complex scheduling possible, keeps your knowledge level up to date and makes all systems available on site.

Innovation creates opportunities

Salesforce facilitates working processes and makes it possible to achieve more in less time. The solution allows users to work in a new way and makes it easier to respond to the changing market. Our consultants help you improve your processes and set up the system optimally

Solutions implemented rapidly. Take our word for it.

Our solutions for infrastructure

Our consultants don’t just stick to the beaten track. They are all autonomous professionals who tackle the solutions required in your sector by harnessing their personal strengths. They work with you to find the best long-term solutions. Experience the enterprising spirit of our consultants for yourself.