Recruiting and retaining donors

In the non-profit sector, every Euro counts double. The more efficiently you work, the more money you can spend making a difference. Whether you want to monitor the loyalty of your donors, streamline the recruitment of new donors or innovate, the consultants at Outbirds are ready to help.


Stay in control of your fundraising

The optimum recruitment process

When you are working to change society for the better, every Euro counts. Staying in control of your partners, potential donors and funds helps you work efficiently, both online and offline. Outbirds supports your goals by helping you set up an efficient, data-driven recruitment process. This ensures that precious Euros are well spent and your donors are well informed about where their money goes.

A little or a lot

Whether you have thousands of small donors or a few major funders, whether you fundraise alone or as a team, Nonprofit Cloud from Salesforce supports your recruitment process. The solution is a blueprint, which we implementfor you. This keeps your costs low and your revenues high.

Good work, well documented

One of the most important communication challenges is showing that your income is well spent. It is even mandatory for some funds and subsidies. Outbirds helps you set up your systems in such a way that reporting becomes fast, easy-to-understand and clear so that you spend less time on administration and more time on doing good work.

Contributing to development with technology. That’s what we believe in.

Our solutions for the non-profit sector

Our consultants don’t just stick to the beaten track. They are all autonomous professionals who tackle the solutions required in your sector by harnessing their personal strengths. They work with you to find the best long-term solutions. Experience the enterprising spirit of our consultants for yourself.