Raise money from the public, participants or donors

Kentaa is an easy-to-use tool for online fundraising. Whether it’s crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising or simple online collections, Kentaa helps you raise money without the administrative burden. Kentaa offers options for every size of organisation and can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce thanks to the bespoke connection from Outbirds.


Online fundraising made easy

What is Kentaa?

Kentaa helps charities, institutions, clubs and associations to collect contributions. Whether you raise money from collections, events or donations, the Kentaa platform allows you to streamline all your finances clearly and quickly. Outbirds looks forward to helping you set up the system correctly, so you can get the most out of your fundraising activities.


Making the world a little better together: crowdfunders love it. Everyone contributes what they can, and soon all those small donations allow you to do great things. We can work with you to set up Kentaa crowdfunding to meet your needs, so that registrations and donations immediately reach the right place.

Peer-to-peer funding

Kentaa event fundraising is based on peer-to-peer funding: (sport) events where participants recruit donors to sponsor their physical activities. Depending on the scale of your events, our consultants can work with you to set up your fundraising pages.

Want to know more about Kentaa?

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