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The complexity of service activities is increasing, as are client expectations. At the same time, fewer trained staff are available. The more efficient the scheduling and work of your field service team is, the easier it is to tackle increasing competition and falling profit margins. Salesforce Field Service directs, helps you to plan and analyse and keeps your clients informed.

Salesforce Field Service

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What is Salesforce Field Service?

Salesforce Field Service gives your field service team, planners and managers the tools they need to work better and more efficiently. Your field service staff have all the information they need in their pocket at all times, while your planners and managers can see the status of their work and scheduling in real time. This guarantees tight, realistic schedules that help your field service achieve first time right.

Clear information for the back office

Assigning tasks and staff and passing on instructions: these are just a few of the features of Salesforce Field Service. You can quickly and easily assign work to teams or individuals in the map or schedule view. Communication with colleagues is integrated and all schedules can easily be viewed in a single central location.

Clarity in the field

Your field staff can quickly access all information in the app, including information about work, addresses, routes, reports and details of appointments. Your field service engineers have access to all information at the touch of a button. Everyone works with the same information, which makes their work simpler, faster and more enjoyable.

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