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In the sectors where Outbirds works, many services cannot be easily priced, as every situation, system and service is different. Salesforce has a CPQ module that reduces the time you spend on complex quotations. It allows you to easily produce accurate quotations involving complex processes. Reap the benefits of fast and accurate quoting.

Salesforce CPQ

Exact prices for complex situations

What is Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is an intelligent software package that easily transforms complex configurations into clear quotations. Cross-selling and upselling are easier, because sales staff are guided through the configuration process step by step. Grow faster by serving clients better.

Ask the right questions

Salesforce CPQ helps your sales staff ask clients the right questions. By guiding them through the sales process and offering the right options, sales will increase. It offers more options and less noise – because thanks to the smart configuration module, every quotation is right, every time.

Complete system

Salesforce CPQ is part of Salesforce Revenue Cloud and can be integrated seamlessly with other Salesforce solutions for even greater benefits. Outbirds can analyse your sales process and work with you to set the process up to deliver optimum results.

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