Project and process management with Cloud Coach

Cloud Coach combines the best of several worlds. Cloud Coach designs multiple blueprints for successful project and process management based on proven successes. Outbirds chooses the right blueprint and then perfectly tunes it to your own operational processes so your projects can quickly take flight.

Cloud coach

A bird’s eye view of your projects!

What is Cloud Coach?

Cloud Coach is a project management solution that makes life easier. Projects become easy to follow, more easily manageable and quicker to report on thanks to the versatility of Cloud Coach. At first, that versatility can be somewhat overwhelming. That’s why an Outbirds consultant is there to help you and is always available to answer your questions.

Client projects

Eén van de mogelijkheden van Cloud Coach is het begeleiden van klanttrajecten. Onboarding, werkzaamheden en service zijn allemaal geïntegreerd One of the key features of Cloud Coach is the ability to manage customer journeys. Onboarding, activities and service are all integrated in a single system that provides a complete overview of the success of your client projects from A to Z. Outbirds can work with you to determine how to integrate your operational processes optimally.

Internal projects

Cloud Coach is also highly suitable for internal projects. From IT projects to research and other projects, it facilitates straightforward and clear project management. Timekeeping, finances and reports: with Cloud Coach, everything is available to all stakeholders in the cloud, anywhere and at any time.

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