Supporting the transition with the right solutions

Ever-faster speeds, more choices and increasing complexity; the telecom market has changed a great deal in the past decade. Data has become indispensable. The consultants at Outbirds know the sector better than anyone and know the right solutions for the challenges you face every day.


High-speed change

More complex networks, more complex questions

To survive in the rapidly changing world of telecommunications, you need capacity, knowledge and comprehensive, up-to-date information. Without the help of IT, it is impossible to keep up with the transition to faster connections. With the migration to 5G, the rapid rise of IoT and the increasing use of AI, the market has become increasingly complex. The same applies to the regulatory framework and competition. Anything is possible, but what do clients want? Our consultants help you find the solutions you need to respond rapidly to these challenges.

Quotations that make an impact

The wide range of available solutions makes preparing a good quotation a very time-consuming process. Clients have limited technical knowledge, which means you must be able to present a clear, easy-to-understand proposal. This is a huge task, unless you use the right tools. Your personal Salesforce consultant can set up your CPQ package so that anyone can use even the most complex configurations.

Efficient deployment of scarce staff

It is hard to fill technical positions; many employees are leaving and few are entering the profession. Working more efficiently has become essential to meet the growing demand. IT makes complex scheduling possible, keeps your knowledge level up to date and makes all systems available on site. Outbirds understands your needs.

Our knowledge is just a phone call away

Our solutions for telecom

Our consultants don’t just stick to the beaten track. They are all autonomous professionals who tackle the solutions required in the telecom market by harnessing their personal strengths. They work with you to find the best long-term solutions. Experience the enterprising spirit of our consultants for yourself.