Pioneer in the heat transition

The heat transition tracking system is a solution that Outbirds has developed for the public sector. With so many clients in the energy sector, we saw the need for a solution that records how local authorities are making progress with the energy transition. With Salesforce as a solid basic platform, we developed a system that brings together residents, homes and the progress of the project in a single easy-to-use platform.

Heat transition tracking system

Residents and the energy transition perfectly combined

What is the heat transition tracking system?

The heat transition tracking system helps municipalities meet the challenge of phasing out natural gas by 2050. It monitors the progress of the project and the involvement of residents in the heat transition. It also shows the status of the home and a clear summary of the work that still has to be done. By recording everything centrally, we make it easy to follow the immense challenge you face.

Personal data

An important aspect of this system is that it stores data securely. Information security is very important, especially as the heat transition will take place over the coming thirty years. That’s why we only store the most essential information about homes and residents. By using this system, local authorities can fully comply with the GDPR.

Understanding heat

The heat transition tracking system helps local authorities make sense of the difficult challenge they face. How many homes are there in each district? Which heating systems are installed at present? How committed are residents and how far are they on their resident journey? The heat transition tracking system helps you answer these questions.

The heat transition tracking system according to Outbirds

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