Start with a vision for the future

Before discussing the software design, the business objectives must first be clear. What is the future of your organisation? And how will you get there? An outside perspective can help you form a well-defined vision. We only start working on the technology once this is clear. What do you already have? What do you still need? And how can we bring these together seamlessly? We’ll find the answer.

Consultancy and architecture

Information for a successful integration

Benefit from our knowledge of your sector

Because we specialise in specific sectors, we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge. Our autonomous consultants each have their own specialism. By giving them the freedom to develop in their own way, they can make the most of their potential, which also benefits you. Meet our autonomous consultants and experience their specialist knowledge for yourself!


We know the sectors we operate in well and have seen many organisations from the inside. As a result, we know the success factors better than anyone, as well as what doesn’t work… And we’re very happy to share that knowledge, because by doing so, we don’t just help our clients, but also the society we are all part of. That positive impact motivates us each and every day.

Architecture and data management

What is the best solution to a problem? There is often no straightforward answer. In many cases, solutions consist of multiple components that collectively form a complex IT landscape. Your data contains a wealth of information but is often fragmented. The consultants at Outbirds analyse your personal situation and sketch out the best solution.

We don’t just offer advice from the sidelines, we play an active part in the game.

Autonomous professionals with passion

All our consultants have a passion. While those passions differ, they all use them to make the most of their potential. They are dedicated, enterprising professionals with vision who are truly committed to making an impact.

  • Autonomous consultants

  • No predetermined processes

  • Collaboration is key

  • Dedication and professionalism

  • Clear vision for digitalisation

  • Positive impact on society