Implementation means reaching targets

Technology is the first step. But if it isn’t used properly, the solution will not deliver very much. That’s why our consultants don’t just set up your software. They understand your strategic interests and help you get the most out of the solution… and more! With our personal approach, we don’t stop until you have reached your target.


Implementations succeed thanks to users

What do you want to achieve?

Our implementations never start with technology. Instead, we always begin with what you want to achieve and when. This applies not just to the solution, but also to the organisation. We then prepare an agile action plan. Nothing is set in stone; we keep our eyes and ears open and change course and optimise where necessary. This means we can effortlessly incorporate insights, opportunities and ideas that emerge during the implementation process.


Transitions must be implemented as fast as possible – within the bounds of possibility, of course. Our experienced specialists understand the market. They implement the basic Salesforce system rapidly, in a way that fits your organisation and based on best practices. We then work in targeted sprints to complete the implementation to match the details of your unique processes.


Speed is one thing, but it is even more important that your processes operate optimally. Our specialists’ experience gives you a critical perspective on the IT landscape. How do you use the software? How do the various solutions work together? To what extent are your stakeholders behind the changes? Our consultants support you on this road to the future.

New solutions must fit in the existing landscape

A team of autonomous professionals

All our consultants have a passion. By harnessing it, they make the most of their potential. As colleagues, they use their passions and broad experience to work together and motivate one another. Together, they are a team of dedicated professionals who make your transition possible.

  • Autonomous consultants

  • No predetermined processes

  • Collaboration is key

  • Dedication and professionalism

  • Clear vision for digitalisation

  • Positive impact on society