Your online buddy in the field

Your field service staff are a valuable resource, and every minute of their time must be put to good use. If they have access to correct and complete information, their work is easier and more enjoyable. At the same time, their back-office colleagues have access to real-time schedules, clear reports and various integrations with other software. With FieldBuddy, it feels like you have an extra online colleague.


Optimum service, optimum processes

What is FieldBuddy?

FieldBuddy gives your field service team, planners and managers the tools they need to work better and to organise their work more easily. Your field service staff have access to all the information they need in their own app, and planners and managers can see the current status of their work in real time. This leads to tight, realistic schedules that keep everyone happy.

Clear information for the back office

Complex schedules, assigning staff and creating checklists: FieldBuddy can handle it all. Scheduling work is simple with the drag-and-drop scheduling system, which is linked to the work orders. The capacity of your field service team can be seen at a glance and the system also plans the optimum route for the team.

Clarity on the road

Your field service staff have access to a mobile app, where they can directly search for reports, check stocks and histories. This means they always have access to the right information, including technical documentation. They can get to work without delay and move on to the next task in no time.

Salesforce according to Outbirds

By working with consultants from Outbirds, you gain access to specialists who feel like colleagues. Whether it’s implementations, administration or project management, we tackle the challenges you face together. We lead the way and take you with us.

  • Agile methods

  • Autonomous professionals

  • Always a single point of contact

  • We understand your market

  • Specialists who feel like colleagues

  • Clear vision for digitalisation

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