Tackling challenges efficiently

The public sector faces enormous challenges. Domestic natural gas connections must be phased out and citizens expect greater transparency and effective digital government. Our consultants are aware of these challenges and know the solution to help you make sense of these overwhelming challenges. This applies not just to the ongoing work, but also the work that has already been done.

Public sector

Making sense of your transition

A bird’s eye view of the public sector

Given the huge challenges faced by local authorities, a helicopter view helps a great deal. We prefer to call it a bird’s eye view. Whether it’s the heat transition, the trend towards more transparent and digital government or other challenges, you need to be able to follow progress closely and plan and administer the ongoing work efficiently.

Accelerating the phase-out of natural gas

One of the challenges faced by local authorities is disconnecting tens of thousands of homes from natural gas. While a target date of 2050 has been agreed, many municipalities want to go faster. By supporting processes with smart software, you can manage efficiently while simultaneously following and recording progress. This allows you to accelerate your transition.

Salesforce reseller

Outbirds is proud to be a Salesforce Reseller for local authorities. We are your main point of contact and help you every step of the way during implementations and with all your other questions. Your personal Outbirds consultant looks forward to telling you all about it.

We make a real impact by connecting citizens, government and IT

Our solutions for the public sector

Our consultants don’t just stick to the beaten track. They are all autonomous professionals who tackle the solutions required in the public sector by harnessing their personal strengths. They work with you to find the best long-term solutions. Experience the enterprising spirit of our consultants for yourself.